Who I am

I am a senior software development engineer with 20 years of experience in various domains, mainly digital signature, Public Key Infrastructure and Cloud Native. I love designing softwares, sharing knowledge and best practices with development teams to help them build better products.


Staff Engineer

Dec 2021 — Present
Aircall, Paris

Developer Productivity team

  • Develop and promote internal tools along with best practices for the backend teams (AWS / Serverless micro-services / typescript)
  • Collaborate with the architecture team to define the backend reference architecture

Lead Software Engineer

May 2020 — Dec 2021
Aircall, Paris

Led the Authentication team of 7 people. The team was responsible for:

  • Extracting the authentication module from a Rails monolith, developing and deploying the new authentication stack
  • Ensuring seamless migration of the customer authentication database

Software Engineer

Oct 2017 — Jan 2020
Docker Inc, Paris

  • Development of a platform to automatically run E2E tests of Kubernetes in order to verify the integration with Docker Entreprise.
  • Work on the certification of Docker Entreprise as a CNCF Certified Kubernetes platform.
  • Docker Compose maintainer / support engineer
  • Docker App developer, worked on the CNAB specification conformance for Docker App

Lead Developer / Java Expert

Feb 2016 — Sep 2017
Weborama, Paris

As the lead developer of the BigSea team, I was responsible for the migration of the proof of concept product from Apache Storm to a production-ready Kubernetes-based application that creates sociological, demographic, and behavioral profiles.

  • Developed and implemented new features using Java, Hadoop, and Spark
  • Successfully migrated the application to a Kubernetes cluster running on AWS EC2 instances

Quality Assurance Manager

Nov 2014 — Feb 2016
Arkena, Ivry-sur-Seine

Manager of the Arkena QA team: 6 engineers in Paris and Stockholm

CDN Quality Assurance Engineer

Dec 2013 — Nov 2014
Arkena, Ivry-sur-Seine

Design and setup the new Arkena CDN validation platform. Automation of the CDN components validation process

Build & Quality Assurance Manager

Apr 2011 — Nov 2013
Cryptolog, Paris

Lead of the quality assurance team. Management of the build environments (Windows, Linux, OSX) and tools for the dev teams. Development of the software quality guides and quality metrics analysis.

Lead Developer

Jan 2005 — Apr 2011
Cryptolog, Paris

Technical lead of digital signature product suite. Manager of a development team of 4 people

Security Software Engineer

Oct 2002 — Jan 2005
Cryptolog, Paris

Development of libraries and servers applications in the digital signature and Public Key Infrastructure fields. Most develoment was made with Java and C.

Extra Activities


May 2022-Present
Kubernetes Community Days France

Creation of Kubernetes Community Days France 2023, a conference focused on Cloud-Native and DevOps, sponsored by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which took place in Paris on March 7th, 2023.


May 2016 — Present
Association Cloud Native Paris (CNCF Paris), Paris

Creation of a non-profit organisation to promote Cloud Native concepts, technologies and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. We organize one meetup per month on meetup.com.

Crew member

Nov 2015 — Present
Paris Java User Group

Member of the team organizing the Paris JUG monthly meetup. Since 2016 I am responsible of the Young Blood, the Paris JUG January event where some unexperienced speakers are coached and invited to do a 15 minute talk in front of the JUG public.

Talks & Conferences

Une histoire de la machine de chiffrement Enigma et des attaques contre elle effectuées en Pologne et en Grande-Bretagne pendant la seconde guerre mondiale (Slides)

Devoxx France 2019, Paris, France

Devoxx France 2018, Paris, France and Devoxx Maroc, Marrakech, Nov 2018


Simple Furigana - An Anki 2.1 add-on providing support for adding or removing furigana on Japanese content in cards.
go-polly-tts - A simple command line interface TTS generator using Amazon Polly webservice.
digest.js - A toy library implementing digests, HMAC and PBKDF algorithms in javascript.
Jenkins ansible plugin - A jenkins plugin to run ansible ad-hoc commands and playbooks.